Edinburgh Coach Lines Ltd aims to be an environmentally friendly Company and it is our intention to promote a policy that is focused on being green aware. The specifics of the company environmental policy follows and are reviewed frequently.

  1. The Company will review and explore measures for the reduction of volumes of all waste materials.
  2. The Company will aim to reduce levels of energy consumption.
  3. The Company will introduce working practices that requires computers, lights, photocopiers, printers, etc to be “switched off” when not in use. The Company will also ensure that heating, lighting and ventilation are used efficiently and effectively.
  4. The Company will aim to purchase energy efficient products where possible and appropriate.
  5. The Company will review opportunities and consider implementing measures for the reduction of the use of water.
  6. The Company will aim to reduce levels of pollution emissions wherever possible.
  7. The company will continue to invest in renewing their vehicles by complying with the latest EC emission and noise specification.
  8. The company have on board telematics fitted to it’s vehicles allowing the company to continuously monitor driver performance and help reduce fuel consumption.
  9. The company recognises that engine idling is a large continuing focus to reducing the carbon footprint and drivers are monitored at all times and advised to switch engines off when the wheels are not turning.
  10. The company will encourage good driving practise by providing a high standard of training with CPC courses.
  11. The company will ensure that our team of mechanics carry out repairs and servicing in an environmentally considerate manner.
  12. The company will use recycled paper within the admin offices throughout.
  13. The company will encourage all staff to make suggestions to help reduce the carbon footprint.
  14. The company will provide quarterly information to its client to comply with The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

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