Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions

‘Contract’ means the agreement between company and the client

‘Company’ means Edinburgh Coach Lines

‘Client’ means the organisation, individual or agent who contracts the services

‘Passenger’ means the person or persons being carried by the company vehicle.

2 Operators Licence

Edinburgh Coach Lines licence number – PM0000103

A copy of this operating licence is available on request.

3 Insurance

(a) The company holds insurance to operate within the UK and EU. Details of our insurance providers can be provided on request.

(b) Clients are responsible in ensuring that they have adequate Travel Insurance covering all passengers travelling on board the company’s vehicles.

(c) Clients Travel Insurance must also –

(d) Cover all personal property being carried on board the company Vehicle.

(e) Indemnify the company against liabilities which are out with the company controls.

4 Contract

A contract is made in writing at the time a Client books coach services with the Company.

5 Quotation

(a) All quotations made by the Company based on the information provided by the client.

(b) All quotations are made in good faith and are only valid at time of request.

(c) If a client fails to provide full information the company may request further information prior to quoting.

(d) Clients must provide full and comprehensive information, failure to disclose full information at the time of quotation may result in the client being billed for any extra cost occurred by the company.

6 Confirmation

Normally, written confirmation by the operator is the only basis for the acceptance of a hire or for a subsequent alteration to its terms.  Any verbal agreement of amendment must then be followed up by written confirmation of the change by the Client.

7 Terms of Payment

(a) Subject to prior agreement all Clients must pay for the provision of coach services before the journey is under taken. All coach hire services must be paid in full 7 days prior to the date of the first journey.

(b) Clients who have a credit agreement with the Company will be invoiced for the provision of coach services on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis as agreed.

8 Cancellation by the company

In the event of any emergency, riot, civil commotion strike, lock out, stoppage or restraint of labour or on the happening of any event over which the operator has no control (including adverse weather and road conditions or in the event of the hirer taking any action to vary agreed conditions unilaterally, the company may, by returning all monies paid and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.


9 Provision of Coach Services – General Conditions

(a) The Company maintains the right to define the route taken by any vehicle, unless specifically agreed prior to the start of the journey.

(b) The Company’s drivers maintain the final decision upon the route taken by the vehicle, with full consideration for the safety and wellbeing of his/her passengers.

(c) The Company takes every precaution to meet pick-up and set-down deadlines but is indemnified by the Agent or Client in the event of delays which are out of the Company’s control.

(d) Clients’ representatives, guides, tour leader or escorts undertake the responsibility at their own risk and must indemnify the Company against service failure.

(e) The Drivers retain final discretion over the pick-up and set-down location in compliance with the Road Traffic Regulations and local restrictions at the time of the journey. Should the Client, or any person claiming to represent the Client, insist that passengers are picked up/set-down in a location not approved by the driver the Client agrees that it will be responsible for the payment of any parking/traffic violation penalty or fine which may be incurred and agrees that it will reimburse the Company within 7 days of receipt from the Company of details of such penalty or fine.

(f) The Contract and Reservation details regarding arrival and departure times are defined on the Driver’s Work Ticket, this is exact information provided on booking confirmation.

(g) Drivers are responsible for the vehicle movement under the direction of the Traffic Manager/Supervisor who monitors general traffic situations.

(h) Drivers provided by the Company are qualified and competent. They will endeavour to arrive punctually, subject to road traffic conditions, dressed in Company uniform and will offer assistance where possible to passengers and representatives.

(i) The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle at all times, and as such may remove any passenger whose behaviour prejudices safety. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any passenger for the duration of the hire.

(j) The driver must maintain a record of his hours on a tachograph and must be able to demonstrate that he/she meets the regulations under the Company’s operational procedures.

(k) The Company reserves the right to park the vehicle only in areas as defined by the Road Traffic Regulations or by local authorities which govern the parking of coaches.

(l) Any ‘on board services’ provided by the Company are without prejudice and liability. The Company is indemnified by the Client against any claim or injury, directly or indirectly related to the provision of ‘on board services’; toilet facilities, hot & cold drinks & food, audio and visual facilities.

(m) Any such notice in the coach for the benefit or well-being of the passengers are deemed to be understood and, unless requested, will be complied to without further representation by the Company or Driver.

(n) Where wi-fi is provided on board a vehicle, please note coverage can be limited in certain areas therefore the company accepts no responsibility

10 Use of Vehicle

(a) Unless confirmed in writing by the company the vehicle should not be assumed to remain at any point between the outward and return journey nor to remain available for the hirer’s incidental use when parked at such points.

(b) Unless confirmed in writing by the company the Hirer should not display any signage or logos on a Company vehicle.

11 Route and Time Variation

Should a vehicle be detained or taken on a longer journey than that contracted for the operator reserves the right to make an additional charge commensurate with the costs incurred. The vehicle will depart at times agreed with the hirer. The operator will not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any passenger who fails to join a vehicle at the appointed time.


12 Seating Capacity

The operator will, at the time of booking agree and specify the legal seating capacity of the vehicle. The hirer must not load the vehicle beyond this capacity.

13 Vehicle Provided

(a) The operator reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than that specified at no additional charge.

(b) The operator reserves the right to substitute another vehicle (including those of other operators) or ancillary facilities for all or part of the hiring subject to substitutes being of similar quality.

14 Breakdowns and Delays

(a) The operator gives its advice on journey times in good faith, traffic congestion or other events beyond our control, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances the operator will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the hirer as a result.  Breakdowns will be dealt with as efficiently as possible with various resources available to the Company.  The duration of delay experienced may be dependent on location of the breakdown and any compensation will be dealt with on an individual case basis.

15 Smoking

Smoking is NOT permitted on any company vehicles.

16 Passenger Safety

(a) All safety measures are taken in accordance with the Road Traffic Act and Industry Regulations.

(b) Passengers are requested to observe the international seat belt sign displayed adjacent to their seat and ensure that whilst the vehicle is in motion they remain seated with their seat belt securely fastened at all times.

(c) Passengers are requested not to get up from their seat to disembark until the vehicle is stationary at its destination. Passengers should be encouraged by the hirer to familiarise themselves with emergency exits and procedures.

(d) Young children who are unable to sit unaided must travel on the lap of a parent/carer – but outside the restraint of the seat belt.

(e) Wheelchair users are required to travel with carers to assist with passenger boarding and disembarking. Drivers are not encouraged to assist in case of personal injury to either themselves or the passenger under our Health and Safety regulations.

(f) In the event of an incident or accident the driver, if able, will vacate the vehicle and ensure the passengers safety and immediately inform the Traffic Manager who will initiate a vehicle replacement if required or instruct the driver on the next course of action.

(g) In the event of a vehicle breakdown, the Company maintains the obligation to replace the vehicle with a vehicle of a comparable specification.

(h) Any specialist needs for passengers who may have a disability must be defined at the time of reservation. All liabilities relating to the assistance and well-being of disabled passengers must remain with the Client or the Client’s representative. In the absence of a specific disclaimer, the acceptance of the Terms indemnifies the Company from any such claims.

17 Drivers Hours and Rest Periods

The hours of operation for the driver are regulated by law and the hirer accepts the responsibility of ensuring the hire keeps to the times agreed by the operator. If any breach is likely to occur (other than in the case of serious emergency or diversion) the hirer will be responsible for any additional costs incurred unless it is outside the control of the hirer.

18 Alcohol, Food and Drugs on Coaches

(a) Under the terms of the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985 the Company does NOT allow the consumption of alcohol whilst being carried by a Public Services Vehicle to/from any sporting occasion.

(b) Alcohol may be carried on the vehicle, with the exception of football match transfers – the storage is under the direction of the Driver.

(c) The driver maintains the discretion by which any alcohol may be carried or consumed on the Company’s vehicles.

(d) In the interest of passenger safety and comfort, it is Company Policy to discourage consumption of food on the vehicles other than on a vehicle fitted expressly for that purpose, food and drink (including alcoholic beverages) may not be consumed on the vehicle without prior written consent from the Company.

(e) The carriage and/or use of drugs in or on a company vehicle is not permitted at any time.

19 Passenger Property

(a) All vehicles hired by the company are subject to restrictions on carrying luggage for statutory safety reasons. The hirer accepts that the driver shall be the sole judge as to whether and to what extent passengers’ property is carried.

(b) Large, bulky items may not be able to be carried, and the hirer should take all steps to notify the company in advance of such requirements.

(c) The Client indemnifies the Company against loss or damage to luggage or any such personal possessions owned by the passengers.

(d) The driver is not responsible for any porterage but has sole responsibility and discretion over the storage of passengers luggage.

(e) Any possessions left on board during or after the journey will be retained by the driver and handed in on return to the Company’s depot.

(f) The Client indemnifies the Company against any such claim which may arise from loss or damage.

20 Complaints

Any complaint in respect of services provided by the company should be made in writing to the company office within 14 days.

21 Surcharges

Once a hire is confirmed and providing there are 30 days prior to departure the operator reserves the right to pass on any increases in costs as a surcharge. No surcharge will be levied within 30 days of departure.

22 Liability, Indemnity and Force Majeure

(a) Notwithstanding the provision of the Contract or any remedy which might otherwise be available, the company’s sole liability to the Client shall be found to be achieved unless specific representation is made in writing/by email/fax and proven to be substantiated through arbitration.

(b) Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Company’s proven negligence, the Company shall not be liable to the Client by any reason or any implied warranty, condition or other terms under common law or under express terms hereof.

(c) Provision of coach services by the Company to the Client is made under, and in accordance with, the law governing Scotland. The acceptance of the Contract by the Client will deem an acceptance of the law governing the provision of such coach services (to include Company Law and Road Traffic Law).

(d) The Company accepts no liability for any incident, accident, damage or injury, including death, as a result of an Act of God/Force Majeure

23 General

(a) Any notice of change, whatsoever, to be given by either party to the other under the existing conditions shall be in writing/by email and acknowledgement must be sent of notice by the initiator in writing/by email.

(b) Any such dispute between the Client and the Company, if the need arises, will be heard within the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

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